Product Sourcing and Scouting

Improve your competitive advantage, by sourcing or scouting for drugs, medical devices and supplements that can complement your current products and propel you into new markets.
We can help define your requirements and advise you regarding possible regulatory or territorial advantages and constraints.

Out-licensing and Distribution

Whether interested in Out-licensing, Distribution or Tech Transfer, we can assist in finding the right partners for Rx, OTC, generics and supplements. We also have significant experience with medical devices and dermo-cosmetics.
Solpharma leverages its access to global markets, suppliers and distributors, while structuring deals according to each customer’s requirements.

Strategic Partnerships

With our finger on the pulse of start-ups in pharma and related applications, we help match innovative technologies with the established players that can bring them to market.
We bring together young and established companies for strategic partnerships based on access to capital, R&D resources, clinical trials and distribution.

New Formulations

If you are looking to enhance your existing products, or considering improved formulations for existing drugs, we can help by identifying key partners who specialize in discovering new formulas that improve drug efficacy, offer alternate delivery methods, reduce side effects and even repurpose existing medications for new indications.