Strategic partnerships

Solpharma was approached by a researcher in neuroscience at one of Israel’s most prestigious academic institutions. His team was working on a solution for safe delivery of drugs to the brain by safely traversing the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).
Utilizing our industry contacts, we identified a laboratory that was interested in further development of the project and worked together with our partners to leverage the core technology, by expanding it into a platform for drug delivery.
Solpharma participated in the project as an advisor and matchmaker, helping to secure funding to support ongoing R&D efforts.
To this end, a licensing agreement was signed with the academic institution and supplemental funding was secured from Israel’s Innovation Authority.
As a platform for drug delivery to the brain, Solpharma is actively seeking potential partners for the development of specific drugs that can use this infrastructure for treating cancer, neurological diseases and other brain related illnesses.

Product Sourcing and Scouting

With our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in pharma, one of our specialties is finding innovative drugs and medical devices to expand our client’s offerings. This can be in the form of bringing additional products to existing markets or taking existing products and expanding into new markets.
Recently, we successfully in-licensed a drug for a client in Asia, who was so satisfied with the arrangement, that they asked Solpharma to scout for additional products that could be leveraged with similar agreements in other territories.
We realized that part of this success was focusing on solutions to problems that were available in the EU, but had not yet gained popularity in Southeast Asia.
With this in mind, we were able to identify several opportunities and presented them to our client.
As a result of this well-defined scouting assignment, our client eventually in-licensed three additional generic drugs and three medical devices in the women’s healthcare space.

Footprint Expansion

One of our clients developed an original product with excellent business potential. After their initial distribution agreement was up for renewal the firm approached Solpharma to help find new distribution partners that could help the product live up to its expectations.
Leveraging our distribution contacts, we quickly identified a new partner for the product in one of the EU countries.
After signing an agreement, sales grew by over 20% in the first year alone. From that deal, it became apparent that it was not the product features, but rather the distribution partner, that really unlocked the potential of this new offering.
After this initial success, Solpharma found additional distributors in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, further enabling our client to leverage the success of the product over additional geographies.